Welcome to Haiti !

Haiti, the jewel of the Caribbean, between the sea and the mountains.

This site is dedicated to real estate in Haiti, be it sales, rentals or the construction of villas. Large offer of apartments, houses, villas and lots for rent, to buy or sell.

You will always deal with a contact person who speaks perfect English.

La Chula

Again, welcome to Haiti ?

30° in the shade and a water temperature of 28° -- and this year-round. Barbecuing outside in January and getting a suntan on the beach anytime you want to.

Haiti, between the sea and the mountains, the jewel of the Caribbean, is again opening up to tourism.

Everything is available; all your wishes can be fulfilled. Here the customer is king.

All you have to do is take that first step, and soon you will also be enjoying yourself under the coconut palms.

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Tel : + 1 829 954 96 56
E-mail : infos@haiti-immobilier-construction.com

La Chula La Chula

Interactive satellite views of the main cities and areas of Haiti:

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